Summer S’mores


Rachel Faulkner writes, Ok, I admit it, I’m a city girl.

Ok, I admit it, I’m a city girl. I’m not very fond of camping. I mean, a freezing night sleeping on hard ground? Not my definition of fun. However, there is one little camping tradition I’m absolutely wild about – s’mores. Everyone loves the addicting dessert sandwhich – basic grahm crackers, a square or two (or three) of Hershey’s chocolate, and a oozing roasted marshmellow. But not until last night did I ever think that s’mores could get any more creative than that, unless you make it a chocolate grahm cracker. Well, apparently, I was WAY wrong. Because last night, I was given the book S’mores: Gormet Treats for Every Occasion by Lisa Adams. Wow. Not only does the author describe in detail the proper way to roast your marshmellow, no matter if it is over a fire or on a barbecue, but she also includes dozens of elaborate, who’d-have-thunk-it s’more combinations in every imaginable flavor. For example, are you a caramel personality? Then you have several options, such as the Banana Caramel recipie, Kettle Corn S’more, Caramel Apple, Toasted Cocanut Caramel, or Milky Way Melt. Or do you prefer fruit? You have about 25 recipies to chose from. And don’t settle for the typical milk chocolate. Be sure to try brands like Dagoba Organic, which carries flavors of chocolate such as Chai, hazelnut, lavender, and lime, or Nutella, which is an immensely popular Eurpoeanhazelnut chocolate spread. Who says you’re limited to grahm crackers? Also try apple slices, waffles, pound cake slices, peppermint patties, and Girl Scout cookies. This may be the most creative cookbook I have ever seen. Who knew you could do so many things with the old camping favorite?Be sure to pick up S’mores: Gourmet Treats for Every Occasion at your nearest book store, like Borders. And have fun trying out new styles of the eternal crowd-pleaser!


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