Cambria Pilger writes, I now am at the Rain Forest because I was going to Florida but the pilot of the plane took a wrong turn.

I now am at the Rain Forest because I was going to Florida but the pilot of the plane took a wrong turn. He didn’t know how to get to Florida from here so he to dropped me off here. It is going to be a long time that I will be here I bet. I think that I will have to survive on my own because I don’t see any other people to help me. I don’t know how to survive on my own so it is going to be very hard.I’ve decided to look for water and food and then look for shelter. I found food and water. The food that I found was strawberries and I wondered why strawberries were in the Rain Forest. I ate some and they were delicious! Then I found a small, clean pond. The smell of the pond was very tempting and I was thirsty so I drank some of the water. Then I searched for shelter but I didn’t find any, so I built a small, little cabin on the ground. I knew how to build this because when I was at a camp, they taught us how to build a house out of twigs and sticks and things.Later after I had built my shelter and was familiar with it, I went outside my cabin and saw a monkey eating a banana. I got scared because I have never seen a monkey before and I didn’t think of a monkey looking that way. The animal turned out to be very nice and we soon became friends. Then BEST friends. We did lots of things together such as: finding food, playing with each other, and sometimes I got scared so we had sleepovers together. The soft coat of my friend felt like leather and it was very soft. I petted him and the thick soft fur went in between my fingers. It felt wonderful! The monkey friend of mine makes a very loud noise. I heard him yell because he got hurt on the leg running around. I helped him get better by getting some fresh, wet leaves and putting them around his hurt leg.Today is December twenty-third and I am still alone. (Besides my animal friend who I named, “Monks.”) Just then, I saw a big, big truck. It got closer and closer and then Monks ran to my side. Two men stepped out of the truck and they were wearing suits that were not the suits that you would wear to a fancy place, but they actually looked like clothes that an explorer would wear. I asked them who they were and they were explorers. I was correct! I asked them why they were here and they said that they were here because they heard on their walkie talkie that a little girl was lost in the Rain Forest. They came to pick me up. I decided to go with them because it is harder to survive in the Rain Forest then it is to survive in the city. Sadly I said bye to Monks and packed up my things and got in the truck. They drove me to Florida and I saw my friend from my old school. (Her name is Caroline.) We talked for a little while at the coffee shop (while drinking hot cocoa) and then we went to our homes. My home is awesome! It has a big bedroom and an antique bathroom. It also has a great view of the outside, and a little walkway, so that if you wanted to go outside then you could open up the door that has a great view of the outside, and just walk right outside. You have a very pretty view!Three weeks after I had arrived at Florida, my dad picked me up in his convertible and we went back to “Home Sweet Home.” Later when we were at the house, I asked my dad if we could visit the Rain Forest for a vacation. He said, “Yes” and I was very happy! So for spring vacation, we went to the Rain Forest because I said that I wanted to go there. I saw Monks and we did what we did when I was lost. I was very, VERY happy. I was only at the Rain Forest for five days but I still had a great time. Also, I learned how to survive on my own!


  1. That was a great story an…
    That was a great story and I enjoyed the excitement it gave me as a reader!!! Hope you will enjoy my writing too!!!

  2. Fabulous story on your first!
    Fabulous story on your first! I am looking forward to reading more of your writing.

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