The Hot Spot… Washington D.C.


Lauren Hunter Sides writes, Washington D.

Washington D.C. is the place where history really comes to life. Our nation wrapped up in a single city. So many sites to visit and see, so many things to do and learn. Washington D.C. is definitely a hot spot. I was there for the People to People World Leadership Forum and I got the inside scoop on our nation.Let’s start with the most famous reason. The White House!! The person who controls our entire country lives in the big white mansion. You can even walk up to the gate and just smell politics. Everyone probably knows the city for that one address. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of discussions and people passed through that house. Of course, the edge of the gate isn’t all you get to see. What about Capitol Hill? The Library of Congress is very interesting. You can see Abe Lincoln’s red bible, and Thomas Jefferson’s personal library. Might I add, the architecture in this building is gorgeous.The Surpreme Court, used to threaten anyone who gets in our way is difinitely neat. You never know what kinds of things people have to deal with in that building. One more thing, that Capitol Building. You can see the cast of Lady Freedom the moment you walk through the door. I even got to see congressmen voting on a law. You can find out how our leaders know what Americans can and can’t do. There is still plenty of things to do in D.C..You can’t forget Honest Abe and his statue. With his 2nd inaugural speech and Gettysburg Address on both sides of his stone figure, Lincoln’s statue really got me to realize just what a wonderful person he was. How he helped free the slaves, and how people trusted him enough to vote him for president twice tells you that he was a great man.It is a site you must see in D.C.. The Washington Monument is another reason to go to D.C.. You can walk up and hug it and your fingers tremble at the fact that you are basically touching America and it’s history. It is really amazing and you can’t miss it, it’s that tall. Arlington National Cemetery is sad site to see, yet somehow it grabs you and you really open your eyes. You realize just how many people found this country great and died for it. You are intrigued by the number of headstones and it can be really hard to visit. To be in that cemetery just felt terrible, thinking of all of those people and the lives they could have had. I am thankful, that theygave me the life that I am living today, and gave me the chance to call America my home.The hot spot isnt a beach, island, or theme park. It’s Washington D.C. and it is prepared to take you all the way back. It is hard to believe I managed to squeeze this and much more into a week. And this… this isn’t even the half of it.