New Museum Exibit


Kyler McCleland writes, I recently went to the museum to see their new exhibit.

I recently went to the museum to see their new exhibit. And it was awesome. They made learning more fun with interactive lessons, an interactive movie theater, real human organs( it not as gross as it sounds). When you first come in you get a peak pass. When you sign in you enter your information and chose a buddy. A buddy is twelve Coloradans were chosen to be used as buddies. Part of the reason they made Expedition Health is because Colorado is ranked as one of the fifth healthiest states. The interactive theater, known as Body Trek, is a video of Anita, buddy, climbing Mount Evans. It makes you feel like you’re on the trek with her. It shows you what the differences from the middle of the mountain and the top. It is a pretty small theater but a creates huge excitement. I would have to give this a huge five stars. I learned a lot while having a whole lot of fun.


  1. I really liked the story…
    I really liked the story, I would have wanted some more details on what happens in the theater. You did an great job of reporting on the new exhibit.

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