Famous – sort of – Fashion Designer


Rachel Faulkner writes, Do you love the world of fashion?

Do you love the world of fashion? Do you eagerly scan the newspaper each day for the latest looks from the runway? Do you love to design your own clothes? The world of fashion is a busy, incredibly frustrating one – with high paying results. So if that is your dream, why not get an early headstart on it? For fashionistas and young designers alike, the website “GirlSense” is a great place to go. You start off with an empty screen called Your Boutique, which you can decorate to your heart’s content. When you’re done with that, you can design your very own clothes and exhibit them in your boutique. Then, you can advertise to get other users to come and buy those delightful items. You can also sell these hot fashions in an auction. But be warned – every time you have a chance to earn “money”, you also have chances to lose it. You start off with 500 “g-cents”, which you can add to or subtract from. If you fall in love with someone’s clothing style, you might want to buy it. Or maybe the low-priced item you really wanted is being sold in an auction and the price keeps going up. You don’t want to part with it, do you? So you just continue adding your money to it. It is a wonderful website for the fashion minded, and the good news is it’s completely 100% free! Just go the the following website to set up your very own boutique and design your own fashions. Oh, and while you’re there, check out my delightful boutique! (Just type in my username: Citygirl392 and you’ll be taken to it!)