Rock And Roll At The Roller Derby


Dannika Harris writes, While most people were watching the Kentucky Derby, my family and I deceided to check out the Roller Derby.

While most people were watching the Kentucky Derby, my family and I deceided to check out the Roller Derby. What is Roller Derby? Just imagine All Star Wrestling on skates.”Oh” did I forget to mention they are ladies. (Intimidating and tough ladies) I have never been to a roller derby so I needed to learn the rules. First, each team has 5 girls per jam, 3 blockers, 1 pivot , and 1 jammer. The pivots controls the pace and can block. The blockers are behind her and try to prevent the other teams jammer from scoring. The first jammer to get through the pack scores one point for each opposing blocker legally passed. It might sound complicating, but once you watch it for about 2 minutes you are a pro. If you are still confused, there is a lady walking around with a giant sign saying “Ask Me Girl”, and she will let you know anything about the sport. On May 2nd, The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls “Contenders” took on the Oklahoma Victory Dolls at Bladium Sports Club, and what a showdown it was. The Victory Dolls scored first and hushed the crowd, but it only lasted for about 3 minutes before the Contenders took the lead and never looked back . The final score was Oklahoma Victory Dolls 79, and The Contenders 169. It was a great night, I loved how rough and tough the ladies were, but off the field they were very nice and friendly. I got to meet #10, RoboFlow of The Contenders and asked to get a pitcure with her. She was very excited and said “I loved to see all the people out here cheering us on”. There was also a great half time show featuring the Yellow Designs Stunt Team. They are a BMX group preforming high-flying aerial bike stunts. For more info about them check out . So if you are looking for something a little different and a bit on the wild side, check out “The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, The Contenders. For the 2009 schedulego to I would recommend this for the whole family. Adult tickets are $13.00 presale and $15.00 at the door. Kids 12 and under are FREE. I would like to thank the Bladium Sports Club for hosting this event and The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls for the great entertainment.


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    Hi! Hey, was that picture taken at the Trevee fountain in Italy?!?! When did you go? I was there a few years ago. If not, wow, it sure looks like it!

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    Great article. The only thing I would change is to seperate the article into paragraphs. People are more likely to read a big article seperated into small parts, than a huge intimidating long article. 🙂

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