A Mystery Hidden Beneath Dark Waters


Jordan Adolph writes, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle. It stretches from Miami, Florida to Bermuda to San Juan Puerto Rico forming a perfect triangle. There are hundreds of mysteries of disappearances in the Triangle. Most vanished without a trace. But one that caught my eye the most was the tale of the S.S. Marine Sulphur Queen. Most called her “a floating garbage can” but she had a different disappearance from all the rest of the T2 Tankers. This “garbage can” was built in March 1944 in Chester, Pennsylvania. Sadly, this ships last voyage was February 2nd 1963. On this trip the Queen was carrying 15,260 tons of molten Sulphur. February 4th was the l last they heard of the ship and its crew, only reporting where they were. On February 6th the S.S. Marine Sulphur Queen was listed as MISSING. The Coast Guard searched the Straits of Florida after 19 days the search was called off. All that was found was life preservers and much debris still no ship or any sign of human life. Leaving 39 men lost at sea. The Coast Guard had reported: ” Further concurring with the Board, in the absence of survivors or physical remains of the ship, the exact cause of the loss of the MARINE SULPHUR QUEEN cannot be determined.” During the search the Coast Guard Searchers managed to recover some things from the Queen. They found lots of life jackets, which had multiple bite marks imprinted on them. Some of the trail board, some oars, debris, and 1 shirt. Some believe the disappearance of the crew was related to shark attacks. Some of the trail board, some oars, debris, and 1 shirt. The mystery of where the S.S. Sulphur Queen is and where her 39 inhabitants are still remains a mystery hidden beneath the dark waters of the Bermuda Triangle.


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