The Porangeberry Fruit


One nice summer day my friend, Claire, and I were playing in the calm streets. We were aware of the cars passing by. We love to explore. So we went over to the nearby pond.

One nice summer day my friend, Claire, and I were playing in the calm streets. We were aware of the cars passing by. We love to explore. So we went over to the nearby pond. Looking down, we saw a fish. And another, and another, and ten more! Soon the whole pond was FILLED with fish!! We walked over to the backyard of my house. "Claire? Do you know much about foods? Specifically…fruit?" I asked.


"Well, it depends. What kinds of fruit are you talking about?"


"How about….Any fruit!" I said.


"I don't really know……I'm not that smart about foods…….But…Well….Do you know anything about the Porangeberry Fruit?" said Claire, daintily.


"The Porangeberry Fruit?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What's THAT?!?!?!?! I yelled.


"Jeez! The Porangeberry Fruit is a fruit. It is a fruit made up of pomegranates, oranges, blackberries, and grapefruit. Does it sound yummy?" Claire explained.


"Yeah…..I guess. Were can it be found?" I questioned.


"I don't really know……I think it can be found someplace in Europe….But I'm not sure."


"Oh….Well then. Let's go over here."


So we went over to the two big trees there and sat in the hammock in between them. I pulled out our notepad and wrote down three things to remember. I wrote: 1. Take a trip to Europe, 2. Get two pet dogs, and 3. Help animals. We hoped to accomplish those goals some day.


So we got right to work! First, we sold lots and lots of lemonade – a cup for $1.00 – and many people bought some. (Since it is summer.) Our total for selling lemonade was $53.00. We looked on the internet to see how much two tickets for Europe cost. The internet said that two tickets to Europe would cost $734.00. We still needed to get $681.00 in order to get two tickets to Europe!! We then had a garage sale for all the things that we didn't need or want anymore. We got $191.00 by doing that. Now we needed to get $490.00. That's not a lot more. We would hopefully be able to get that much more by the end of two weeks!


Today is the fourth day of the first week. Claire and I have NO idea what to do to get money! We went onto the internet, who is pretty much our friend, and looked up: Things to do to get money. We found out that we could do a car wash service! So we started a car wash service. We called it The double cleaners. We went around to our neighbors and other people that we know and asked them if they would like us to wash their car(s). One car wash on one car costs $3.00. We were surprised at the end because so many people wanted a car wash!! And even more! So we kept our business running until we had gotten $278.00. Gladly, we counted our money, all of it, and figured out that we just needed $212.00 more to get the tickets!!


We kept going for two more days on our business and then we shut down. We now needed $200.00 more. I kept thinking that I really needed to get two pet dogs. And also to help animals more. But right now we needed to keep working on the thing that we are doing best right now. We need to keep working on getting money. We walked around the neighborhood together, wondering what to do.


"Claire? I just NEED to tell this to someone. I keep feeling bad for animals. And I keep wanting to get two dogs. But I also really want to get that money to go to Europe. Anyway, I asked my babysitter if she would like to come with us to Europe. I told her that we didn't have all of our money yet. But when we do, we will be ready to go. She said that she could come. And I told her when we would hopefully be going to Europe. She told me that we didn't have to pay for her tickets to come. She will pay for them herself. I also asked my parents if it would be okay to go with the babysitter and they said yes. Have you asked your parents?" I said.


"Yeah. I asked my parents." "What did they say?"


"Oh, you know. The usual. They said that if I had an adult or older person coming with me there, then I could go." Claire told me.


"Oh. Okay. Yeah…That happens with my parents to me all the time! I wonder what we should do to get the last $200.00 to get tickets."


"Yeah. Me too. Do you have any suggestions?"


"No. Do you?"


"Well, I have one. But you might think that it is dumb."


"Okay. I promise that I won't laugh OR think that it is dumb. Just please tell me!! We need to get this last amount of money!"


"Okay! Hold on! You promised? Okay. Here goes: I think that we should make a donation box. Then we go around to neighbors and other people that we know, just like last time, and ask if they would like to donate to help the animals at the animals shelter. Then we can take two quarters of the money taken and donate the other money to help the animals! Then my idea will help complete two different goals! We could get more money for the tickets and we can donate money and help animals! Do you like my idea?" said Claire.


"Oh my gosh. That is the most best idea that I have EVER heard!! I love it!! How come we didn't think of that before?!" I said, amazed.


"I don't know. But we better get going!!"


So we decorated a box. We went around, just like we were going to. We got all the rest of the money needed! We took a trip to Europe and got TONS of Porangeberry Fruits, helped the animals in all the animals shelters in our city/area, and I got two dogs!! I got an Italian greyhound and a Chihuahua!


The End


  1. Wow!
    Wow! My story is LONG!! I think that I should SLOW DOWN on the typing! WOW! (Snap! This is the 2nd time I have posted this!)

  2. On the 2nd photo.
    On the 2nd photo….I am just saying that I care for animals…:):)

  3. I like the picture of your dogs.
    I like the picture of your dogs. You are very good at writing short storys.

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the pics of the animals 🙂 My dog is a Shihpoo (Shihtzu+Poodle mix) 🙂

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