Zoo Camp – A Wild Summer Experience


Taylor Kelly writes, Everyone I know has been to a zoo.

Everyone I know has been to a zoo. However, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is by far the coolest. It is the only zoo in the country that is built on the side of a mountain. From hippos to zebras, from lions to monkeys, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has it all.Since the 1980’s the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has been offering summer camps for kids ages 4-15. Katrina Benson, Academic Programs Manager, said that the camp allows kids to do things that you wouldn’t get to do on a regular trip to the zoo. There are day camps and there are also overnight camps. During the overnight camps the kids get to see the animals after the crowds leave and what the animals do at night. They’re also the first ones to see the animals in the morning. Payton, 11, from Fountain said “My favorite part is meeting new friends”. When I asked Jason, 9 from Fountain, why you want to go to this camp he answered “to see the animals.”One of the first things we did was watch the “Giraffe Stampede” at 9:15. That’s when the zoo let’s all the giraffes outdoors with the vultures. The campers also got to feed the giraffes! If your cracker wasn’t close enough a long, large, purple giraffe tongue would reach out and grab it! We walked by a ton of animals and got to interact with them too. I got to pet a wallaby (looks like a mini kangaroo), feed colorful birds, and hold an Indian star turtle! The counselors also had tons of games and activities for us to do during the day camp.The theme of the camp the day I went was Feeding Frenzy. We got to feed a variety of animals along with learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. The campers also got to make food for a few reptiles. I loved helping with lion enrichment, a game they use to keep the animals from getting lazy and loosing their natural instincts. For the lions we colored cardboard boxes and put raw chicken in them and then sent them down on a zip line to the lions. The lions got to the chicken, but one lion got stuck in a box and then that lion walked around wearing it like a dress (see photo). I’ve never been able to interact with the animals at the zoo like I did at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo camp. It was an experience I’ll never forget, and I encourage others to try it too. For more information go to www.cmzoo.org.


  1. Sounds cool!
    Sounds cool! I have been to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, but not for a camp, and my favorite part was feeding the giraffes! The zoo is definatley worth the car ride!

  2. That looks COOL!
    That looks COOL! I wish I could go there! :):):) I LOVE your photos!!

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