Stargirl Shines Above All The Rest


Jordan Adolph writes, If you want to read a book that’s humorous and shines above all the rest.

If you want to read a book that’s humorous and shines above all the rest… read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. This book is amazing! You follow the journey of Stargirl Caraway. She arrives at Mica High School, named “different” than all the rest of the students. Many times Stargirl wore a long primary colored dress, and a sunflower shoulder sack. But what made her unique or seperate from all the rest was she always had a ukelele and during Mica High School’s lunch period she would sing happy birthday to mind boggled children. Stargirl got lots of attention from Micans, some envious, some confused, and some mesmerized by how wierd or strange this girl was.You get to follow all the problems she faces, and the happiness she experiences through the great book of Stargirl. But when Stargirl Caraway moves to Arizona she encounters a whole ‘nother adventure.You get to experience what Stargirl has to deal with in the companion book Love, Stargirl. In Love,Stargirlshe tries to keep a long distance relationship alive, but confused when her boyfriend stops communicating.These are both great books and I would recommend them to ages able to read chapter books with over to 150-200 pages!Happy Reading,Stargirl Fan


  1. I love Stargirl!
    I love Stargirl! You should check out one of the stories I wrote a year or two ago – I got to meet and interview Jerry Spinelli about “Love, Stargirl”!

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