Get MAD About Science!


Chase Hoven writes, Summer has arrived, which means school is out for most kids.

Summer has arrived, which means school is out for most kids. Though some kids may enjoy throwing away all of their knowledge learned from this year into a swimming pool, it’s always great to brush up on your skills to be prepared for next year and have some fun along the way. Especially for little kids, a little review or learning something new won’t hurt to keep youngsters out of trouble and focused. With the help of Mad Science, students can explore a new world of science in just one week. To help with my research, I participated in a Mad Science class at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster on June 2nd. The hostess of the class, Nucleus Nicole, showed the kids that science can be a learning experience while having tons of fun. By bouncing a ball and then freezing in place, the kids were able to learn about the elements of our planet. This kept the kids excited and eager to discover the elements. The kids also learned about the importance of our nose in the process of tasting foods. But instead of hearing the instructor say it, they had the privilege of doing an experiment to see how important it was. By plugging their nose and closing their eyes, the kids realized that in order to taste an grape or apple Jolly Rancher completely, their nose was the key source of success. A spectacular way to wrap up the day was to make Play-Doh and discover the secret of creating rock candy. The kidsand I also got to view SHRUNK!, the Butterfly Pavilion’s latest attraction where kids are “shrunk down” into the size of a tiny bug and get to explore gigantic scorpions, grasshopers and other insects from a bugs eye view. Of course, no trip to the Butterfly Pavilion would be complete without taking a look at the hundreds of species of exotic butterflies in the Wings over the Tropics area. The humidity relaxed everybody inside, and it made us feel just as calm as a butterfly in its natural habitat. Mad Science also offers camps throughout the summer and into the school year all around Colorado from ages 6-13. Launch your own rocket, build a red hot robot, construct a bird feeder and much more. For more information and camp schedules, be sure to visit Mad Science’s website: