A Slab of Clay and Fun All Day!


Davis Anderson writes, It’s Summer Vacation, and it can go two ways.

It’s Summer Vacation, and it can go two ways. We can spend all our time on the couch watching rerun after rerun of television shows we don’t even like, or we can get up and have some real fun.This summer, there are a lot of summer camps that you can participate in. I had the pleasure of heading down to Lakewood Art Center and experiencing a day in their “Creative Clay” art class. I got to sit down with some of the kids and watch them create beautiful pots, picture frames, and funny creatures. You can make anything from dollhouses to whistles to pots and to cups. And if you get stuck in the process of making something, the kind and patient teachers will help you out.This art class is for anyone who loves art. You may not know how to make a whistle, or how to use a slab roller, but it’s easy to learn under the direction of the teachers, so there’s no excuse for not signing up! At Lakewood Art Center, they have everything you need to make your clay vision come to life. They have a slab roller, a sanding booth, and rows and rows of paint. You’ll be able to walk into the class on the first day and have nothing but a clump of clay, but by the time you leave, you’ll have a great piece of art and some good memories.Besides getting to create some cool artwork, there are a lot of other fun things you do here. First and foremost, you’ll get nice and dirty. Reach your hands into the moist clay and rub it in between your fingers. It’s a good thing there’s a sink in the classroom! Silently sitting at a table while working on you creation is no fun, but luckily that’s not a problem. You’ll definitely make some new friends. In no time at all, you’ll be laughing and talking.The “Creative Clay” art class will be at Lakewood Art Center and it will be running from June 8-12, so sign up soon!


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