This is for a Dad


Kyler McCleland writes, This is for a Dad who does his best.

This is for a Dad who does his best. Although we may not like it we still appreciate his love and care. We may think that he tries to ruin our fun and joy but we will remember that he does it for our best interest and safety. We love him no matter how many times we say we hate him. It’s his love that drives us to work hard and enjoy every second. This is for every good or bad thing he has done. Whether it’s from playing catch to a comforting hug when we are sad. Everything he has done is in our favor. It’s no surprise that we are the people we are today with our Dad. He puts an effort in everything we do and everything we want to do. He is the person who pushes us to do our best and achieve our goals. He tries his best to make our life as great as possible. He is that person who shows you every second has a lesson and to live every moment to the fullest. If he was not here then we would not learn anything in life. He points out all the good and bad things you do and makes sure you improve on them. For nothing and no one is perfect. There is always room for improvement. So take every word he says and hold on to them for you never know when that word will be the last.So when he moves on you will cry and be sad. But every tear drop is full of the love he showed for you. So don’t waste it all in your tears for he will be watching you. And he will watch you grow into a great person and learn from your mistakes on your own. No matter how hard he is on you, he does and always will love you. He points out your mistakes so you can learn from them and so when he is no longer around you know how to find mistakes in yourself and you can fix them. This is for a Dad who does his best.


  1. That was so good!
    That was so good! It really moved me! The last paragraph nearly made me cry! Great job!

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