Health Vs. Beauty


Jordan Adolph writes, In September 2008 lab test were revealed teenage or adolescent girls are infected and contaminated with chemicals common…

In September 2008 lab test were revealed teenage or adolescent girls are infected and contaminated with chemicals commonly used in cosmetics (make-up) and body care products. The Environmental Working Group found 16 chemicals from 4 different hazardous chemical families. Those included phthalates, triclosan, parabens, and musks, revealed from blood and urine samples. The study particpants consisted of 20 girls ages from 14-19. Those chemicals can cause potential health effects such as hormone disruption and cancer. These teens who participated in the study showed to use a mean (or average) of 17 body and cosmetic products every day. Surprisingly an average adult woman used only 12 products daily! Because of this teens may not know that they are risking their health by exposing themselves to dangerously high levels of ingredients in common cosmetics and care products that could potentially link them to health effects at the stage where their bodies are most vulnerable to chemical damage. So it brings us to the question, are goverments and industr failures to test these products putting teens and some adults at risk? Federal health laws do not require companies to test products and their dangerous ingredients before they are stocked on shelves. As a result, almost all cosmetics and body care products have ingredients that have NOT been tested or assessed for safety by those who are in authority to do so. So what can you do? Right now the Environmental Working Group (EWG) is suggesting teens/kids should make wise and safe choices when it comes to going into those stores that sell these dangerous products. They aren’t asking you to stop using make-up and body care products because some of them are necessary, such as deoderandt. the only thing they are asking you to do is make safe choices when it comes to how many products you use and what products you use. What else can you do? Sign the EWG Health petition at, by making a donation, getting e-mail updates, and join the campaign for safe cosmetics. But most importantly inform your friends in family! Make sure they know the risks of something that probably happens in their everyday routine. Now it’s up to you. Your health or your beauty?


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    Also, to protest this and make industries test these products, go to and sign the petition

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