It’s O.K. To Shed…


Dannika Harris writes, Estes Park welcomed the 19th Annual Wool Market, and what a show it was.

Estes Park welcomed the 19th Annual Wool Market, and what a show it was. First, the weather was beautiful. It was nice to see the sun, since we haven’t seen it in over a week. At 9:00 a.m. the barns opened to the public to show off all the Paco-Vicuna, Alpaca, Sheep, Goats, Llama, Angora Rabbits, and Shopping. The shopping was everything a fiber enthusiast could dream of. It was so interesting to see them shear the sheep, bring it to the spinning wheel, watch it turn into yarn, and last, being made into a scarf. It’s a process a lot of us kids have never seen. My brother Tommy, had a funny experience with a run-a-way sheep. Lets just say we couldn’t get him out of the port-a-potty until the sheep was captured. Ha, Ha, Ha. One of my favorite things to see was the Llama limbo. Yes, I did say Llama limbo. I saw how low they could go. It was great to know that you can train a Llama to listen most of the time. Just remember, when a Llama gets stubborn they have a mind of their own. Everyone at the Wool Market was happy to see all the people interested in their trades. They loved to tell stories about their animals and encouraged everyone to ask questions. I had a very nice lady named Sue Bunch teach me how to do felting. Felting is Alpaca fleece bunched together by needles to make a pattern. Just remember, the needles are very sharp. To learn more about felting and the Alpaca fleece go to . I would like to thank everyone who helped put on a great show and to all the venders who took the time out to show us kids what they do. For more info on the Wool Market and times for next year check out .