Enrich Your Summer . . . Volunteer!


Haley Rogers writes, Everybody is hearing about the current recession.

Everybody is hearing about the current recession. It’s in the newspaper, on the news, and in magazines. With so many people losing their jobs, more people are in need of food. A great way for you to help the people who are in need is to volunteer. One place I would recommend is the Community Food Share in Boulder. “I like to volunteer here because it helps people in need” said Zoe Kearney, age 10, a volunteer. At Community Food Share there are many different jobs available. One job I have done is to take bulk dried beans and package them in individual one pound servings. My favorite job is sorting donations into categories such as grains, dairy, protein, and sweets. Food is donated from grocery stores, canned food drives, and other sources. In one year Community Food Share gives away about six million pounds of food, about 50% to individual people, and about 50 % to agencies like the homeless shelter. “Food is one of the most essential things people need. By helping us, you supply an essential need for people of BoulderCounty,” said Sue Ericson, the Volunteer Manager. “More people are coming to get food, but also more people are volunteering because they don’t have a job, and because people know others need food,” Ericson said. About 2587 people volunteer in one year, with a whopping total of 32,931 volunteer hours.If you are looking for something meaningful to do this summer, consider volunteering at the Community Food Share. Go to www.communityfoodshare.org for additional information.


  1. Great story, Haley.
    Great story, Haley. Good quality information and work posted. Also, congratulations on getting this posted on Colorado Kids!

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