Brothers That Rock Together, Roll Together!


Lauren McCulley writes, What do you get when you mix thousands of girls screaming, loud music, and three brothers?

What do you get when you mix thousands of girls screaming, loud music, and three brothers? A Jonas Brothers concert, of course! On June 24th, at the Pepsi Center,I was able to have an experience that many teenage girls would love to have…I had the pleasure of going to a Jonas Brothers Concert. There were three major acts; Honor Society, Jordin Sparks, and of course, the Jonas Brothers. Jesse James made a small appearance,performing her hit single, Wanted, as a host for Jordin Sparks and Honor Society. Honor Society started off the concert with a bang, performing a few of their hit songs, including: Over You, See U In the Dark, Nobody Has To Know, and Full Moon Crazy. They earlier had a free concert at 16th Street Mall, and gave everybody a chance to meet them again after this concert.They were a fresh new band, that everybody seemed eager to hear. Jordin Sparks soon followed performing some songs including; Young And In Love, One Step At A Time, No Air, and Tattoo. The crowd seemed to really like her, as she had an excellent stage presence. After an intermission that seemed to take forever, the lights went dim, followed by everybody in the whole room screaming their lungs out. A screen came down, and you could seeKevin, Nick, and Joe’ssilhouettes. Thescreen rose,but where were they? All of a sudden a few guitar chords were played, and everybody lost it as the Jonas Brothers came spiraling up from beneath on the rotating stage, the familiar tune of Paranoid blasting. Everybody sang along in high spirit and out of pitch voices to Paranoid, That’s Just The Way We Roll, Poison Ivy, Hold On, Play My Music, Fly With Me, A Little Bit Longer/ Black Keys, Much Better, Year 3000, Tonight, Gotta Find You (from their TV movie, Camp Rock), Turn Right, When You Look Me In The Eyes, Sweet Caroline (their cover song), Live to Party, BB Good, World War 3, Battlefield (with Jordin Sparks), Lovebug, S.O.S, and Burning Up as an encore performance, with special guest, Big Rob (their bodyguard). Between a costume change, they showed lots of humorous videos that they posted on youtube. Including the rotating stage, they also had a lot of amazing special effects. During Live To Party, they got on a huge crane that lifted over the crowd as they blasted everybody with foam guns. Also, during Gotta Find You, they were suspended high in the air on a circular platform. They took a comical approach to a water screen in Lovebug,with Kevin dressing in a white raincoat and black umbrella, dancing to Singing In The Rain. The water screen featured lyrics to Lovebug, the Jonas Brothers logo, and hearts. During Much Better, they got a trampoline out and started doing lots of tricks, including Joe jumping over Nick and a microphone stand, and Nick doing lots of flips. I personally love the Jonas Brothers, so this concert was a ton of fun for me. If you are between the ages of 10 and 16,love the Jonas Brothers, and can handle screaming girls and blaring music, I would definitely recommend seeing their concert next year! I certainly can’t wait to go again!


  1. That was a good review bu…
    That was a good review but i would change one thing I was there and I would have included how they all put a lot of heart and soul into their music. Other than that i loved it!!!

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