Calling All Car Lovers!


Lauren McCulley writes, A few days ago I got to go to the Forney Museum of Transportation.

A few days ago I got to go to the Forney Museum of Transportation. I know what a lot of you are probably thinking…”Yuck! Not another museum,” but it was surprisingly a lot of fun. When you walk through the doors it’s like being transported back in time. There are cars dating back from the late 1800’s. But there aren’t just cars. Some of the exhibits include Railcars, Cabooses,Coaches,Buggies, Carriages, Wagons, Fire Engines, Aircraft, Trolleys,Denver’s only Cable Car, Steam Tractors, bicycles,Tricycles, Models,& Much, Much More. There was even a car that goes underwater!But if antique, rare, and collectible cars still seem boring to you, there’s more. If you have ever seen Herbie: Fully Loaded (yes, the one with Lindsey Lohan), and liked it you’ll like this exhibit. They have the actal stunt double from the movie there. You can also dress up in old-styled clothes and sit in one of the cars to pose for a picture. Another cool thing they have is Amelia Earhart’s Gold Bug Kissel. It’s the actual car she drove. One of Forney’s most prized posessions is Big Boy Locomotive. If you want to go, it is located near the Denver Coliseum. The prices are as followed; Adult: $7, Seniors: $6, Youth (11-15):$4.50, Children (5-10):$3.50, andif you have any siblings under the age of five, they are free! After you tour (or before), there is a gift shop, so you can buymemorbilia like mugs,t-shirts, hats, and lots of other cool stuff. I never though I wouldlike a museum, let alone one about cars, but take it from me…It’s a lot of fun!


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