Good Time On The Farm…


Dannika Harris writes, Did you ever just want to get away from the big city and have a evening on the farm?

Did you ever just want to get away from the big city and have a evening on the farm? Well, if you said yes, I have the perfect place for you. White Fence Farm, family owned and operated dining experience. It’s more than a restaurant, there are beautiful gardens, fish filled ponds, playgrounds, treehouse, a petting farm called the O.K. Corral, and a Pig Chute ( two story indoor slide). But wait, if you wanted more, there is also live country and blue grass entertainment. You can even see and learn square dancing on Tuesdays. Now for the best part. The food. White Fence Farm is famous for their fried chicken and I know why. It was so crispy on the outside and melted in your mouth on the inside. WOW! With the meal you also get corn fritters, pickled red beets, creamy coleslaw, bean salad, and cottage cheese. The dishes were never empty. In addition to great fried chicken, they have steak, pork chops, shrimp, fish, liver & oions, and turkey & dressing. If you have any room left, there are many desserts, or you could go over to Granny’s corner for some amazing fudge. Don’t forget, you can walk off your dinner by checking out the specialty shops or take a ride on the horse-drawn carriage. This is a fun and exciting place. I would recommend it for anyone with a special occasion or for families with guests from out of town. It is a little more expensive, but you are paying for the old town farm experiance. A+++ for the whole family. Don’t forget the camera, new memories are being made here all the time. Thank you to all the staff for the fantastic food and great time. For more info about White Fence Farm and dining times check out or call 303-955-5945.