Take a Leap of Faith


Gabi Curry writes, Camp Timberline also known as Camp T is a camp founded on Christian beliefs located near Longs Peak outside of Estes Park.

Camp Timberline also known as Camp T is a camp founded on Christian beliefs located near Longs Peak outside of Estes Park. “A little piece of heaven on earth where children ages 7-18 are safe, happy, and cared for.” As the campers stay through the week, not only do they enjoy ropes courses (high and low), zip lines, and Gut Check, they learn about God’s promises, trusting in God, and trusting in each other. I went to Camp T for just one day. By the end of the day I felt like a real camper just like everyone else. Upon arriving I was immediately welcomed by the counselors. The counselors are selected for their outgoing personalities, expertise in specific areas like sports or the arts, and their faith. They come from all over the country. Staying for the summer they welcome and take care of each new group that comes to camp. During my day at Camp T I had the pleasure of joining Signal, which was one of the multiple cabins at Camp Timberline. We started the day by raising the flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before we went in for breakfast. At breakfast music played and campers danced to the beat. Cabin clean up was next followed by Chalk Talk or daily devotions. After, all the cabins gathered for ‘Warm Up’, which was a way to warm up and get our bodies moving for the day’s activities. The boys and girls went separate ways with the girls heading to the sports facilities like the volleyball or basketball courts or the lacrosse and soccer field. Counselors who specialized in these sports directed the groups as we practiced our skills. Before lunch each group went off to their individual cabins for some downtime. Lunch brought boys and girls back together again, the hall was filled with energy and excitement. After lunch the lake awaited us. There were different options such as a slide, canoe, paddleboat, and the Blob – a striped floatation device the plummeted people into the lake. Although it had been raining all week, the lake was warmer than usual. The afternoon brought group activities with your cabin mates. We experienced the low ropes course, which focused on trusting each other. Next, was the Gut Check. I was strapped into a harness and catapulted off a platform, 25 feet in the air. Screaming was necessary. To recover from the Gut Check we went for a break to our cabins before dinner. A Hoedown was planned for later that night. Dinner quickly became the preparty for the Hoedown. Counselors insisted that we dance to country songs by Taylor Swift and other stars. After dinner flew by, everyone headed to the Hoedown. Campers were prepared with hoedown attire. Music blared as we learned new dances. No one was left out as counselors and campers danced throughout the party barn. By the end of the evening, I was one of the campers – a friend and a sister in Christ. I was sad to go, but I am working on my parents to let me go again next year.


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