Parade a trumpeting success


Rachel Faulkner writes, Greeley is a small, modest town.

Greeley is a small, modest town. We don’t have much to boast about. But when summer comes, there’s one thing that Greeley is famous for across the state – the 4th of July Parade. Not only is it a wonderfuly fun, family experience, it is one of the largest Independance Day Parades in the United States. Yesterday was July 4th, and it therefore follows that the parade was yesterday too. This year’s parade was sensational! Although it was not televised, the largest crowd the parade has ever seen appeared by 9:00 in the morning. 90,000 were expected to attend. Seats were hard to find, and those lucky few who got coveted seats in the shade were giddy with relief. But everyone forgot that as the parade began with a fly-over, performed by three fighter helicopters. Then police cars and firetrucks started the procession, sirens wailing. Now, Greeley is a cow town, so it is natural to have cows in the parade, near the front. But what you mi might not expect is longhorn steers clip-clopping towards you. They were magnificent! Other notables were the World War II veterens, the Korea veterens, and the Queen of the St. Patrick’s Day parade (completely decked out in green, of course). There were marching bands galore, queens of saddle clubs, boy and girl scouts, and much more.It was a wonderful event!