Flutter Your Wings with this Guide to Faeries!


Isabelle Aboaf writes, Have you ever been bored and wanted to read a book that may not have seemed real but actually makes you think?

Have you ever been bored and wanted to read a book that may not have seemed real but actually makes you think? Well, I have. I read the book, A Practical Guide to Faeries, by Susan Morris. Here is a little review of the amazing book. I suggest you head out to your backyard, and set up a little trap for one first. Just kidding! In the guide, I noticed that the book begins with essentials for your trip to the faeries. A short introduction is given, stating things such as “by a rainbow’s end”, a large patch of four leaf clovers, “a circle of mushrooms at midnight”, etc. It has a beautiful illustration of all the needs to bring with you, such as a bottle of wax to protect you against enchanting songs. There are also some tips on attracting a faerie’s interest. This includes leave a bit of honey or milk out at night. The next thing you will see is more things that attract my interest. This includes telling if a faerie is nearby, and staying safe in the faerie world. I will skip a few sections so that this review isn’t too long! Throughout the book, you will find some of these sections: Language, communication, looks, homes, food, games, history, how to faerie dance, spells, magic, fighting faeries, and much, much more. Illustrations The illustrations in this book are full-color and drawing to the eye. They are very detailed and include many things that add to the picture which makes it more beautiful. Is it believable? More or less. The author is very persuasive in this book, because it all seems real. But, as most know, faeries are not very likely to be real. But I would give credit to the author because she really knows how to persuade you that fairies are real. Final recommendation… * * * * * out of * * * * * Definitely an exceptional book, I think that you should either check this book out of the library or purchase one at a bookstore. It seems to entertain all ages, it isn’t too difficult to read for little kids (younger than nextgen members). It is bound to send you flying!


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