Adams City High School Farewell Extravaganza


Dannika Harris writes, A lot of people may not of heard of Adams City High School.

A lot of people may not of heard of Adams City High School. I know I have never until this past weekend. My family and I had the honer of attending their final farewell party and extravaganza. The students and teachers are getting a new school and will be tearing down their old school this summer. It was a little sad to know that their old school was going to be torn down after 101 years of service. But, they are going to keep the track and field and make the old school into a park for families to enjoy. The students and teachers will be moving into the new school and enjoy all the new upgrades. Just think, they will have bigger class rooms and more space. At the Adams City High School good- bye party and extravaganza, I got to meet a lot of great people, like Angel Anderson from the class of 1986. She was part of the group that put on this fantastic event. I asked her what was your favorite part of school? Angle said ” I loved the teachers and learning new things”. I also asked what was your favorite subject and she said ” Science, because I liked the mystery of how things work”. We all got a special treat by the Commerce City Police and K-9 Team. They came to show off their skills on how to catch the bad guys by introducing them to a huge dog named Cobra. I would not ever recommend to do anything wrong in his presence. It took him less then 5 seconds to run down the field, take down the suspect, and to have everything under control. Thank you Officer Mark Douglas and dog Cobra for the great show. For the new students at Adams City High School and staff, enjoy your new school and to all the Alumni from the past you should all be proud of your school and class mates. Thank you for letting my family and I be part of your farewell extravaganza, we all had a great time.


  1. Good job, Dannika.
    Good job, Dannika. Sounds like a fun place to be. PS. Try some spell check, there are some words that need fixing 🙂

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