Treads for Kids


Gabi Curry writes, 132,000,000 – One Hundred Thirty-Two Million.

132,000,000 – One Hundred Thirty-Two Million.132,000,000 dollars? 132,000,000 ice cream cones? 132,000,000 puppies?In reality 132,000,000 represents the number of children without parents or orphans worldwide. Conditions for orphans vary widely around the world. Take Zambia for instance, the population is 11,500,000 and out of that roughly 1.2 million are orphans or about 10%. “Sub-Saharan Africa is the only area of the world where the orphan population is still increasing do in large part to HIV/AIDS,” stated Rich Curry, Executive Director of GO! (Global Orphan Relief). There are currently 1.1 million known cases of HIV/AIDS in Zambia, and of that 130,000 children have HIV/AIDS. 600,000 children in Zambia alone have been orphaned because of the AIDS epidemic. As tough as we think things are economically in the United States, think about living on less than $1 per day with an unemployment rate of 50% and limited to no access to medical care. This has resulted in a life expectancy of 38 years in Zambia compared to the US expectancy of 78 years. Treads for Kids hopes to raise funds by walking/running 132 miles for the 132 million orphans of this world. “The goal of Treads for Kids is to create awareness for the plight of orphans worldwide, while raising money to support Global Orphan Relief which runs The House of Faith orphanage in Silembe, Zambia. As well as supporting and partnering with other orphanages and groups that provide for the needs of orphans worldwide,” explained Rich Curry. On Saturday, August 15, 2009 between 9 am – 3 pm at Cottonwood Park/ Trail Head in Parker, Colorado, Treads for Kids will encourage participants to run or walk a mile to support GO!’s outreach for orphans around the world. Teams can be formed with a captain and various numbers of walkers/runners or people can walk/run as individuals. The goal for each participant is to raise $150 through individual sponsors, corporate sponsors, or self-sponsorship. This would be a great activity for families or groups of kids to do together. Friends, families, neighbors, and/or local businesses can provide sponsorship. To register to participate, and/or sponsor Treads for Kids, or to get more information about GO! go to or call 303-840-1123.