15th Annual Colorado Irish Festival.


Dannika Harris writes, Clement Park of Littleton welcomed the 15th Annual Colorado Irish Festival this past weekend.

Clement Park of Littleton welcomed the 15th Annual Colorado Irish Festival this past weekend. And what a show it was. What is a Irish Festival you asked? Well, just imagine, thousands of people getting together to celebrate their culture. All the fun got started on Friday at 5:00pm, when they let people in for free for one hour. It was nice to see that in this recession, we can still get a great deal. On Saturday, the ladie’s and men’s Gaelic Football opened the day, followed by the Irish Dancers. It was beautiful to see all the different costumes of all the dancers. The Screaming McSweeneys opened up on the Bellco Celtic stage and got the crowds into the Irish spirit, and the Mile Highlanders Pipe Bands entertained into the evening. It was time to spend some of my Irish money. Ha! Ha! Ha! I didn’t know what to buy. There was Irish Kilts, hand made bags, lots of jewelry, stained glass, book, flags, instruments, and Irish dirt, YES, I said Irish dirt. Besides all the unique arts and crafts, there was mouth watering food from all over. You could get Irish bread and pastries, corned beef and cabbage, turkey legs, giant pizza, BBQ, funnel cakes, and ice cream. What more could a kid ask for? Sunday morning started off with a outside Mass, followed by the wedding of Sally and David Baumann. The newlyweds spent the entire day celebrating their union at the festival. What a pretty bride she made. My favorite group, The Elders, performed that night to a packed house. My highlight was going on stage with them. They are so fun and always love to meet all their fans, plus they have great music. This event would not be possible if we didn’t have such great volunteers. I would like to thank every one of them. Also, much thanks to the Colorado Irish Festival Organization and the sponsors for this wonderful event. For more info check out www.coloradoirishfestival.org .


  1. Great story, Dannika.
    Great story, Dannika. Sounded like a fun place to be. Could you possibly tell me about some of the statistics (how often it’s held, where it actually is, etc).

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