A picnic with the symphony


Rachel Faulkner writes, The joy of classical music is almost undescribable.

The joy of classical music is almost undescribable. Sure, it’s ok on the radio. But there is nothing as amazing as watching a live orchestra perform. The simultaneous movement of the glossy bows. The shine that glistens off the horns in the back row. And the best part – tuning – when every instrument is drawn into a sweet, melodic “A”. I love symphony concerts, especially when they’re in Boettcher Concert Hall. The only problem with that is the money. It’s expensive to go to a show. So naturally, when I learned the Colorado Symphony Orchestra was coming to play a free concert in Greeley, I was ecstatic.Last night, the group played a “concert under the Stars” at the UNC. They started off with a John Philips Sousa march. They also played the 1812 Overture, Stars and Stripes forever – it was phenomenal.If you get a chance to attend a free concert in a park, take it. I promise it will be an enjoyable evening.


  1. I love the Symphony I wil…
    I love the Symphony I will be seeing it live this weekend at Lone Tree.

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