Tops and Bottoms at the Denver Botanic Gardens


Caroline Till writes, Are you looking for a fun way to spend the summer?

Are you looking for a fun way to spend the summer? Are you considering signing up for a camp? If you answered yes to these questions, I would strongly reccomend joing one of the many day camps at the Denver Bontanical Gardens.Last Wednesday, I visited the KidCamp at the Botanic Gardens and had a blast! This is a one week camp for children ages six to twelve and has a different plant related theme each day. Wednesday was all about the tops and bottoms of plants, top meaning it grows above the soil, and bottom meaning below.The first thing we did was go on a scavenger hunt throughout the garden in order to discover what fruits and veggies are tops or bottoms. After looking around, we classified many specimens, then headed back to the classroom. In the room, we did a few activties there. One of the things we did was paint what the inside of a root and leaf would look like. Everyone was given a peice of paper with the outline of a root and leaf. Using watercolors, we painted what it would look like if a root and leaf were cut in half. When everyone had finished, we played a fun game called Veggie Bunco and continued playing up until lunch. After lunch, the campers read a book called What Are You Peeling?. The author of this children book had taken produce andusing many different tools, carved faces into the fruits and vegtables. The food was photographed and the author wrote statements about their moods based onthe faces he gave them. The fruits and veggies turned out so cute that we got to make our own! I had a red apple with black beans for the eyes and I carved out a smile and placed white beans in the mouth as teeth! It was a lot of fun.Another craft we did was make reusable canvas grocery bags. Everyone sewed together the sides and decorated it using fabric paint and permanent markers. Last but not least, everyone planted a tomato plant and got to take it home!As you can see it was a very fun day and I would reccomend this camp for boys and girls ages seven to eleven. If you are interested in this camp or any of the many other camps the Botanic Gardens offer, please visit the Denver Botanic Gardens website.