What a lot of waffle


Rachel Faulkner writes, Belgian waffles may just be one of the most delicious breakfast foods around.

Belgian waffles may just be one of the most delicious breakfast foods around. Who can resist a warm, crispy waffle smothered in syrup or butter? Yet apparently, they also make good desserts as well.Waffle Brothers waffle hut, the newly discovered closet-sized restaurant, has come up with revolutionary new ideas for how to dress up your waffle. Located along the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver, the shack is rapidly gaining attention for their quality waffles.When you order your waffle in what appears to be a drive-through for pedestrians, you must make an agonizing decision: what deliciously alluring combination will youhave? There’s the basics: a fresh, made-before-your-eyes waffle with syrup and butter, a waffle with any topping, such as Nutella, Bananas, and Granola, or a waffle with whipping cream.However, then you look slightly below that section to the “local favorites” list. I would recommend the “Baby Gatlin’s” waffle, with Nutella, banana, nuts, and whipped cream. If you’re in a fruity mood, you might try the waffle titled “Da Cherry Bomb”, with marshmellow cream cheese, cherries, and whipped cream. Looking for a true dessert? Try the “Waffle Sundae”, with chocolate chips, banana, nuts, caramel, and whipped cream.As you wait for your waffle, you are distracted by a disgustingly delicious smell of a hot waffle cooking. Waffle Brothers imports some ingrediants directly from Belgium, and the taste is noticably, wonderfully high-quality.But no matter what you ordered, whenever you take that first bite of piping hot waffle, you know you got your money’s worth.However, I would reccomend finding a way for someone else to treat you to desser – most waffles are around $4.50.Waffle Brothers can be located on the sixteenth street mall, either on Arapahoe or Tremont (Arapahoe location attatched to tourist information center). Call about catering, 1(866)923-3532


  1. Wow!
    Wow! That was really great! Now I’m really in the mood for a belgium waffle! Hate to be picky, trying to help for next time, but you spelled marshmallow wrong (with an a instead of an e), and forgot the t in dessert, but other than that, it was really, really, really, really, really, good!

  2. I see the marshmallow par…
    I see the marshmallow part – but not the dessert. I think I only used it twice and it was spelled right, but I could be wrong. Can someone find that for me? I must be going blind… 🙂

  3. It’s in the fourth line f…
    It’s in the fourth line from the bottom, the first word…it’s missing a T!

  4. Fabulous story!
    Fabulous story!!!! When we went to Belgium we had a waffle and I agree with you, it is AWESOME. Great information as well as your opinion. I didn’t even know it was on the 16th street mall.

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