Get The Royal Treatment At Royal Gorge…


Dannika Harris writes, In this day and age…

In this day and age, with all the worries of money and jobs, a lot of families are staying in their own state for vacation. We are one of them and took full advantage of what Colorado has to offer. My family and I took a mini vacation to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park by Canon City, Colorado. What a great time we had. Just imagine, walking over the world’s highest suspension bridge and looking down at the Arkansas River. I couldn’t believe the bridge is going to be 80 years old. I wonder if the families in 1929 were as scared as I was going across it. I wanted to experience everything the Royal Gorge had to offer, even if it meant going on the incline railway. Only the world’s steepest, 45-degree angle railway. No matter where I looked going down, all I thought of was GET ME OFF THIS RIDE!!! (just kidding) I loved it. When we were at the bottem of the Gorge, I saw 7 river raft boats going down the Arkansas River, and right beside them was the train was going by. “Maybe next year” my mom said. After we made it back to the top of the bridge, it was time to check out Mountain Man Camp. It was very fun to see how a town would look in the 1800’s. There was a jail, cemetery, saloon, trading post, undertaker, and a mine where you could pan for GOLD. We also got to enjoy live entertainment from the 1800’s. One mountain man was showing people how to throw axes and two actors were trying to sell miracle tonic that cured everything. One family sitting next to us asked if we saw the white buffalo, so we had to go check it out. Much to my surprise, there was a giant Wildlife Park. (Wapiti Western Wildlife Park) And there it was, the rare white buffalo with other animals like, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Elk, Deer and they all had babies. It was time to leave the park, but on the way out we had one more ride to enjoy, the Aerial Tram. The world’s longest-single span tram, and it was a thriling but relaxing way to end the day. This was a great vacation to have. It was around 100 miles from Denver and very reasonable for all day entertainment. Check out for info and coupons. I would like to thank my family for this great vacation and the State of Colorado for the scenery.


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