Powerpuff Party–10th Anniversary DVD Collection


Lauren Kelly writes, The Powerpuff Girls 10 th Anniversary Collection is packed full of all the episodes…

The Powerpuff Girls 10 th Anniversary Collection is packed full of all the episodes, seasons one through six, with Blossom-a positive but serious girl, Buttercup-a tough crime fighter and Bubbles-a sensitive and soft hero. This soon to be classic is about three girls concocted by a professor who accidentally poured in Chemical X, which gave them superhero powers. These girls become heroes, saving the city from dreadful villains. The Powerpuff Girls can do anything. When something is wrong these are the girls to call.Even though the graphics are simple, they are still enjoyable. Each Powerpuff episode is approximately fifteen minutes long. There is also a one hour Christmas special. This action packed TV show collection contains over four hours of Powerpuff Girl hijinks. My favorite episode is when Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles destroyed an evil robot created by Mojo Jojo, an evil Chimpanzee. The Powerpuff Girls conquered the robot by using their Chemical X skills. As they say at the end of every show “and once again the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls.”This six disc collection comes with all different kinds of special features on each disc. When watching the special features you can see some of the characters and what they’re like in reality. For example, it shows them at the laundry mat and other local places. Plus there are music videos with the actual characters. You can also see the writers and the process of how they made the Powerpuff Girls.I recommend the Powerpuff Girls 10 th Anniversary Collection to anyone who enjoys watching female crime fighters. These girls are an adventure waiting to happen.


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