A New Kind of Mascot


Lillian Lungren writes, Hatching Pete is about a boy named Pete Ivey…

Hatching Pete is about a boy named Pete Ivey, (played by Jason Dolley) who’s best friends with Cleatis Poole, (played by Mitchel Musso) when Cleatis asks Pete to be the Brewster High’s rooster mascot for the basket ball team for one night, but when Pete does better than Cleatis ever did and the team wins, and while this is happening Pete is enjoying it, things start to go a little further than negotiated, meaning Pete becomes the full-time rooster, and they were going to keep it like that, Pete having fun being the rooster, Cleatis getting all of the credit. But their plans change when there is a parade for the rooster, things start to go crazy. While Pete is in the rooster suite and Cleatis is in a disguise in the crowd, the cheerleaders make Cleatis come on to the float and dance, his disguise (a hat and a stick-on mustache) comes off, everyone goes crazy with wonder! But Cleatis won’t spill a word. Pete and Cleatis have to make a choice, will they let the mystery continue on, and then let everyone know in thirty years, or will they let the whole city know who the rooster really is now? I loved this movies actors and music. I am usually the one after the movie making fun of the cheesy music, but I can’t about this movie. I didn’t like some of the shots in certain scenes. I give this Disney Channel Original Movie three-out-of-five stars for the movies mystery and intrigue. I really enjoyed the costumes in this motion picture. The actors and the screen writing were good, but I’ve seen better. This movie is rated TV G, an alright movie for any family movie night.