Milk with the Marshmallows


Jessica Cardall writes, Milk with Marshmallows King Soopers is a four star grocery store organized somewhat.

Milk with Marshmallows King Soopers is a four star grocery store organized somewhat. Fresh food such as produce and the deli are on the right. The aisles go from frozen food to drinks. At the top of each aisle is a sign with the number and a list of items found in the aisle. This makes it easy if you’re not sure where the item you want is located. But I ask why the condensed milk with the marshmallows in the cereal aisle? The clearance section in the back is just piles of junk unsorted. The pharmacy is handy where it is. Order at the beginning, shop, and then pick it up at the end. But say you finished early; the chairs are hard and uncomfortable. The check-out is organized. They encourage using cloth bags by reducing your total price 5c for every bag you bring. If you scan your King Soopers card at a King Soopers gas station they give you 10c off each gallon. Don’t feel like cooking tonight? At the deli you can buy hot delicious chicken and a potato salad. There is also a soup bar with corn bread. The ATM is also very convenient if you need cash. Best of all, the bakery gives free cookies to kids. And some days the deli, produce department, butcher and bakery all give free samples.


  1. I think it was very creat…
    I think it was very creative of you to review a store. Just so you know for future reference, marshmallow is spelled with an a not an e, you didn’t mess it up at all in your story, just your title. Also, maybe next time you can have a stronger ending, but other than those two minor flaws, I though it was great!!!

  2. Very interesting!
    Very interesting! I could never have thought of reviewing a store. Your title is creative, but I don’t think it summarizes your review. Yes, a stronger ending might add to your story, but otherwise, remarkable job!

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