The Best Spies Are the Kid Spies


Lillian Lungren writes, Spy Kids is about two kids…

Spy Kids is about two kids, Carmen Cortez, (Alexa Vega) and Juni Cortez, (Daryl Sabara) whos parents, Gregorio Cortez, (Antonio Banderas) and Ingrid Cortez, (Carla Gugino) are secret retired spies, but when other secret spies go missing, it’s up to them to save the spies, but when they get captured by the evil Fegan Floop, the only two people in the whole world who know how to save them and have the skills to save them, are Carmen and Juni, their kids! With beating up bad guys and saving their parents, Carman and Juni are swamped! But the bad guy isn’t really Floop; it’s his “assistant”, Alexander Minion, (Tony Shalhoub) is the one who is really behind it all. The way the kids even know that their parents are spies is when their house alarm goes off and their “Uncle” Felix, (Cheech Marin) is babysitting them, he decides to tell them the truth about their family, and the truth is that he’s not their uncle at all, he works for their parents and was assigned to protect them, second is that their parents are national spies, good ones, but even more so in the last nine years that they have been making a family and have been busy, and, lastly, that their parents have been captured. Felix tells them where to go, but he has to fight off some bad guys that are at the house, so it’s up to them from there to save themselves, and their parents! In this movie, I liked the music, the sound effects, the actors, and the shots in every scene. I usually am the one who says when the movie is over how dorky the music was, I can’t for this movie. I rate this movie four-out-of-five stars for the actors and the cleverness! This film is rated PG. This movie will bring you and your family closer, a good movie for anyone!


  1. I love that movie…
    I love that movie, and that review! A couple times your sentences were a little long, so next time try sparating a run-on sentence into 2 or 3 sentences. Great Review!

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