Amazing National Parks


Rebecca Bloomfield writes, I rode in the car 9 hours with my little brother on the way to the Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks but it was worth it.

I rode in the car 9 hours with my little brother on the way to the Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks but it was worth it. I loved canoeing in the Tetons. My family and I canoed in an area of the Snake River called the Oxbow Bend, a place thick with wildlife. I saw bald eagles, osprey, and a cow moose with her calf. As we came around a bend in the river, the moose and her calf swam together. The cow ate underwater plants while we watched from the canoe. I was surprised to see that she was wearing a tracking collar. The bald eagles were everywhere – sitting proudly in trees, on sandbars in the river bed, and flying overhead. It was amazing! After a few days of canoeing my family, my grandparents, and I went on a trail ride. The scenery was magnificent. We rode through sagebrush plains and lush forests for two hours before we returned to our cabin. My horse was named Steel. He was a dappled gray draft horse.Next I headed to Yellowstone. Yellowstone has two thirds of the world’s hydrothermal (hot water) features. Old Faithful geyser, the best-known geyser in the world, erupts about every 90 minutes. Geysers erupt when extremely hot water builds up pressure underground. When there is enough pressure, the geyser shoots water into the air. Even the “predictable” geysers are not very predictable. I waited two hours for Castle geyser to erupt, and then left. Five more hours later we drove up and Castle was spraying water into the air and steam was billowing out. Castle Geyser’s cone looks like a sand castle washed by waves. It sends thousands of gallons of water into the air about every 13 hours when it erupts. I walked around on the boardwalk and looked at all the beautiful pools and watched the geysers erupt. Everywhere I looked some geyser was splashing or a pool was bubbling. The pools were full of 200 degree water and were deep blue, green, yellow and orange due to the different kinds of bacteria that live in different temperatures of water.Saturday President Obama will visit Yellowstone to see the thermal features. The national parks are really the lands of wonder and I can’t wait to go back!


  1. That was a really good st…
    That was a really good story about your trip! I liked the topic sentence, and your pictures were amazing!! I also liked your story structure!

  2. I loved your pictures and…
    I loved your pictures and congratulations on your first story. Keep up the great writing.

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