Idog Dance…Awesome, and Not


Kaitlyn Sudolnik writes, I love this toy a lot, but not too much.

I love this toy a lot, but not too much. Here’s why. This fun toy is great for children with an Ipod music player. I have an Ipod Nano, and I loved the Idog Dance because it has speakers for your music, too. My favorite part of the Idog Danceis that it understands your commands. For instance, sit, stand up,dance, tap paw, and rest. I took it to a birthday party, and my friends thought it was pretty cool that it could do all these things: Understand your commands, light up, dance to the music you are playing it, dance to its own music, tap its paw, stand up, move its ears and paws, tell you things, and go to sleep. You can also feed it music by plugging in your music player to it and it will eat music! It can’t dance if you tell it not to. Idog needs food or it will bark and ask you for more! There are some things that could be better about it, though. I think the Idog could have a little longer battery life – say, maybe ten days. It said in the manual that it could last a long time, but it didn’t last even a day and a half. It didn’t turn off to conserve batteries either – but it said it could. Batteries cost a lot of money. The Idog is a waste of money and time for that reason.