Sand, Sun, and Engineers…


Dannika Harris writes, Sand, Sun, and Engineers? YES, I did say engineers.

Sand, Sun, and Engineers? YES, I did say engineers. The Engineers Without Borders hosted the 3rd annual sand sculpture competition at Soda Lakes Beach in Bear Creek Lake Park this past weekend. Just imagine, Sea Monsters, The Lunar Lander, and Spongebob, all making an appearance for a good cause. My family and I stood in awe at the amazing sand sculptures. One of my favorite sand arts was Pyramids of Giza. I asked Tricia Reed how long did it take your team to complete this sculpture? She siad “Four hours, and we had six adults and three kids helping us out”. I also asked how you came up with the idea of Pyramids, and she said, “We sat around the table and brainstormed ideas until we all agreed on the Pyramids of Giza”. Besides the Pyramids sculptures, there was a See Monster, VW Bug, Lunar Lander, Spongebob, Colorado Rockies Glove, Bermuda Octopus, Mountain Range, and a San Dial that told the correct time. All the entry fees and money donated went to the Denver Chapter, Engineers Without Borders. The EWB is a non-profit humanitarian organization worldwide to improve the quality of life by creating clean drinking water and better sanitation in countries like Ecuador, (Togo) Africa, and Madagascar. For more info about EWB, check out . I would like to thank the Engineers Without Borders for hosting this event and a big thank you to the wonderful sponsors. OH, I forgot to tell you who won. Structured Sculpture 1st place…Pyramid of Giza Open Division Sculpture 1st place… Bermuda Octopus Kids Choice 1st place… Sea Monster Sculpture to raise the most money 1st place… Lunar Lander ($585.00+)


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