A Fun Toy For Us But Bad For The Earth


Jensina Bailly writes, Littlist pets are a popular toy, but the Earth does not like them.

Littlist pets are a popular toy, but the Earth does not like them. This week, I got to look at a small purple and white panda, and her trycycle. It is a cute toy, but terrible for the Earth. A lot of kids like them, because they are fun to play with, and fit in the palm of your hand. When I first got the toy, I noticed all of the packaging. I counted nine rubber bands, five for the tricycle and four for the panda. That is a lot. Then I counted three large peices of cardboard and three peices of tape. The one thing that made me most mad was that there were twelve peices of plastic. And it was the kind that you can’t recycle! After that, I talked to a girl who has lots of littleist pets. She says, ” They are handy toys, and fun to play with, but they are bad for the Earth. If you throw one away, they never biodegrade! ” When she told me that they never biodegrade, well I got pretty mad. Really littleist pets would be so much better if there was not so much packaging. Maybe they could userecycled cardboard insted of new. Maybe they could use less plastic! But they are good toys. My sister sure likes them!


  1. Good job…
    Good job, but there are a few things you might want to try next time. Try not to use as many exclamation points and collect some more facts instead of just your opinion. 🙂

  2. Next time…
    Next time, do a more thorough spell check. Also, like Bailey said, get more information, and try to use other punctuation besides exclamation points.

  3. Littlest Pet Shops really…
    Littlest Pet Shops really are wasteful. Do try to check your spelling though.

  4. You’ve expressed your opinion well.
    You’ve expressed your opinion well. But now, try going back to the editing mode and adding in some information to support all the ideas. You’re on the right track, though ; keep it up.

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