Little Mermaid, BIG Show


Lauren McCulley writes, Broadway is a big place to perform, and your show has to be ansolutely spectacular in order to perform there.

Broadway is a big place to perform, and your show has to be ansolutely spectacular in order to perform there. Between the dancing, acting, singing, and even costumes, there’s a lot of pressure. I had the pleasure of going ot see “The Little Mermaid” on broadway. Did it hold up to the Broadway standard??? In my opinion it did. Most of you probably know the story of The Little Mermaid, but if not, it’s about a little mermaid named Ariel, who believes that the ocean is not her place to be, and she should be living on land. Prince Eric is a gorgeous prince, who loves the sea. When a storm hits, and Eric gets thrown overboard, Ariel is the one to save him and bring him back to shore.While he is stillunconscious, Ariel sings to him, but quickly disappears into the water when he wakes up. Her voice haunts Prince Eric’s dreams, and he knows he has to find that voice. When Ariel’s dad, King Triron, gets angry and ounishes Ariel, Ariel decidesto run away, only to run into the evil sea witch, Urusula’s evil minions, Flotsam and Jetsam, to take Ariel to Ursula. Ursula trades Ariel’s voice for legs, but under one condition. If she can’t kiss Eric after three days, she becomes a slave for Ursula. Her and Eric connect, but everytime they try to kiss Ursula, Flotsam, or Jetsam break it up.If you haven’t seen the movie or the play, I’m not going to give much more away. The cast did a great job protraying the characters. Chelsea Morgan Stock played Ariel, Drew Seeley played Prince Eric, Faith Prince played Ursula, Norm Lewis played King Triton, Rogelio Douglas Jr. played Sebastian, and Flounder is played by two boys, Trevor Braun, and Major Curda. I was probablymost excited for Prince Eric, because he was played by Drew Seeley, who has been in many shows and movies such as, Another Cinderella Story, and High School Musical: The Concert. I was most impressed with the music aspect of the play. There were several songs added to the play including, two songs by the gulls (“Positoovity”, “Human Stuff”), another song for Ursula (“I Want the Good Times Back”), two songs for Prince Eric (“One Step Closer”, “Her Voice”), and a lot of other songs. There was even a song for Ariel’s mersisters and Flounder called, “She’s In Love,” for a total of 29 songs. Every single cast member aced the dances and hit all the notes perfectly in the songs. Flounder stood out to me the most, though, because even though he was played by a little boy, he had a ton of talent. The Little Mermaid ends in October, so if you’re visiting New York anytime soon, I recommend visiting the Lunt-Fontanne theatre, and seeing the show for yourself!


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