Music City Has Music and a Lot More


Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, Traveling is an exciting and eventful activity to participate in over the summer.

Traveling is an exciting and eventful activity to participate in over the summer. Some people go to summer camps while others visit relatives in other states and even other countries. I went on a lot of vacations this summer and just recently I visited Nashville, TN to visit some relatives that live there. I go to Nashville often and I visit a lot of cool places while I’m there, these are some of the places that I’ve visited. One really interesting place to visit in Nashville is the Parthenon. The Parthenon is a replica of the very famous Parthenon in Greece. The real Parthenon contains sculptures that date all the way back to 438 B.C. Inside the Nashville Parthenon a forty-two foot gilded gold leaf statue of the Greek goddess Athena stands proudly on an artistic base. The original Athena statue was made out of a wooden structure and ivory outer covering adorned in gold garments. The Nashville Parthenon also contains beautiful art exhibits and gorgeous cast statues decorating it that make you feel as if you’ve been zapped back through time into Ancient Greece.The Parthenon in Nashville is truly amazing. Another fascinating place that I went to in Nashville is the Country Music Hall of Fame. This popular spot for both tourists and locals features a lot of cool exhibits. One really cool feature to see was all of the costumes and outfits that stars wore on stage. This museum had everything from sparkly custom coats that a ton of artists wore to Carrie Underwood’s red gown that she wore to the 2009 Academy of Country Music Awards.She won both the Entertainer of the Year and the Top Female Vocalist awards. Her gown contained one hundred and twenty yards of merlot silk tafetta fabric along with an extensive train that measured all the way to eight feet. The Country Music Hall of Fame also featured two of Elvis’ cars. One was a silver dollar convertible. This car ‘s interioris covered with silver dollars that used to be real, but are now replaced with fake ones. The outside of the car is white and decorated with pistols and rifles topped with a steer horn ready to charge all other cars out of its way.The other car that Elvis owned in this museum is his gold cadillac. This car is full of everything gold, a gold TV, gold bumpers and hub caps, even the ceiling is covered in gold records. The outside paint was made up of crushed diamonds and fish scales. Another neat part of this museum was that all sorts of country music is played everywhere, you could even walk into special booths to here old records. I think that the Country Music Hall of Fame is an awesome place to visit. While I was in NashvilleI went on a walk,the trail that I walked on was near White Bridge Road in Belle Meade.The biggest passenger train wreck in United State’s history occured near the trail.The part of the track where this happened iscalled Dutchman’s curve.Along the trail there’s a spot where you can read about the two train accident and look at some of the train parts. Nashville also has a lot of great places to get food. One day we went to a hot dog stand called Hot Diggety Dogs. Their hot dogs are delicious and their homemade french fries really top off the experience. Another place that I ate at is a place called Sweet CiCi’s. They have a serve yourself frozen yogurt bar and a whole counter of toppings. Once your done serving yourself you go to the front counter and weigh the yogurt on a scale to determine how much it costs. Both of these places are great. Nashville is also very pretty. While I was there I saw a ton of green. Trees were growing everywhere and gardens were plentiful. While I was there I saw a Night Blooming Cereus in bloom in my grandparents’yard. These plants only bloom one night a year. Nashville is home to a lot of plants some are native and others aren’t, the Night Blooming Cereus is a desert plant. Nashville is humid and wet but this plant can still grow there. This was a very cool plant to see in bloom especially since it’s so rare to see one like that. Nashville is a really fun and interesting place to visit and a few days there can equal a year’s worth of fun!Sources for this article:


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