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Tiara Stephan writes, The iCarly crew is rocking the web and they’re here with an all new DVD.

The iCarly crew is rocking the web and they’re here with an all new DVD. The iCarly Season 1, Volume 2 is their new DVD. Carly Shay, Samantha “Sam” Puckett, and Freddie Benson are still there making the coolest web show ever. And I can’t forget about twenty-six year old Spencer Shay, brother and legal guardian of Carly. Did I mention that he is an artist too? My favorite episode is iHave a Lovesick Teacher. It is about Carly’s teacher. When Ms. Ackerman’s boyfriend broke up with her, she takes her anger out by loading homework onto her students and yelling at students. Guess the three students she screams at? When Carly is sent to detention, Spencer comes in for a talk with Ms. Ackerman. He ends up inviting her over for coffee and cookies. Then, Ms. Ackerman and Spencer start dating. Ms. Ackerman is so happy that she doesn’t give any homework, gives her class caramel apples, and takes them ice skating. She even buys Spencer expensive gifts like a PearPhone with tons of songs on itThe real trouble comes when Spencer breaks up with Ms. Ackerman. She’s back to blaming kids and making their lives miserable. That’s when Carly comes up with a plan that involves iCarly. I’ve said enough already for those who haven’t seen this episode. This DVD has two discs with four hours and fifty-two minutes of laughter and fun. That is twelve episodes. It also comes with a myriad of special features like Behind the Slime with the Cast of iCarly, Behind the Scenes Extras, and Special Bonus: Pilot Episode of True Jackson VP. It isn’t rated in the US but in Canada it is rated G. That is a true fact. It even says on the DVD case. All you have to do is go to Blockbuster and check for this DVD. If you want to buy it, check your local stores. I guarentee that you will NOT be disappointed.


  1. Grat review!
    Grat review! I was goignt og et that DVD, but I’m glad you did, because that was an excellent review. I thought your title was creative, and I liked how you only told about one episode, but still told about the Dvd as a whole. There was atleast one spelling error (gurantee), but that wasn’t enough to counter-act the rest of the piece!

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