On The Road Again, And Again, And Again…


Dannika Harris writes, Where can you find a Meteor Crater, Cave Dwellings, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Las Vegas Strip?

Where can you find a Meteor Crater, Cave Dwellings, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Las Vegas Strip? On the Harris family vacation, of course! Let me tell you a little about how we plan a vacation. First, we find out when we have 4 days off. Next, we talk about where we want to go. Last, we get in the truck and go. This all takes place in one night. At least we didn’t forget the map this time. Ha, Ha, Ha. We arrived at the Meteor Crater just in time for lunch. My brother and I couldn’t wait to get out of the truck and go exploring. Just think, 50,000 years ago a meteor 150 feet across crashed into the earth and made a huge, and I mean HUGE, hole. We got to take a tour on the west side of the crater, but I was a little disappointed we couldn’t go down to the bottom. It was off limits to the public. After getting lunch at Subway at the Meteor Crater, it was time to get back in the truck and check out the Walnut Canyon National Monument. It was surprising to find cave dwellings in the middle of nowhere. The Ranger said a long time ago the Sinagua Indians lived here and prospered, but disappeared without a trace and they don’t know why. I had to check it out. My Uncle Scott, Mom, Becky, and I went down 240 stairs of the 1 mile long trail. We got to check out their houses in the caves and saw how they lived. Everywhere you looked you could see cave dwellings. We spotted at least 20 of them all around the mountain. I even got to see Bobcat poop. YUK! It made us go back up the stairs a little faster knowing there were Bobcats watching us. We stayed the night in Flagstaff so we could get a early start on the Grand Canyon. Our goal was to get up by 6:00a.m. and get started, BUT, we slept in and made it to the Grand Canyon by noon. What a beautiful sight. All the different colors and rock formations. It was like someone cut the earth open for all of us to see. My favorite part was the Desert View Watchtower. It gave you a different angle of the Grand Canyon. My family and I just stood there for about a hour looking at this amazing outdoor wonder. As we were leaving, we saw a herd of elk walking through the park. If all this wasn’t enough for a vacation, now we are on our way to Las Vegas. The truck was starting to get a little cramped, so my Grandma said “Turn off here”. It was the world famous Route 66. My brother, Tommy, started to sing “Life is a Highway” song from the movie Cars. We all had a good laugh. One more stop before Las Vegas. Can you guess what it is? Hoover Dam, of course. WOW! I saw it when I was very little, but could not remember it. It’s huge and we got to drive over it. You saw energy lines going down the mountain and they are building a road over the Dam on the top of the mountain. The water level was very very low, and it looks like they need a lot of rain to fill it back up. We were to late for the tour, but we did park the truck and walk over the Dam. My Mom kept on saying “Don’t go so close to the edge”. What did she think I would do, fall in. Ha, Ha, Ha. It was starting to get night fall as we headed into Las Vegas. I couldn’t believe all the lights everywhere. Huge, giant hotels shaped like castles, pyramids, big tops circus, ships, Paris, and even New York City. We got to stay at the one shaped like a castle, called Excalibur. We had a great room on the 12th floor overlooking New York, New York and the double loop roller coaster. We got up very early to check out the pools. It was like I imagine a tropical Island would look like. Now time for the shopping. Off to Caesars Palace, the worlds biggest gift shop, and Treasure Island. We topped the night off with a show and dinner at the “Tournament Of Kings”. It was fun to see all the audience participation. Dinner was served before the show started and you had to eat with your hands. We had to leave the next day, but not before checking out The Titanic Exhibit at the Luxor. This was my favorite part of the whole vacation. We got to see the living quarters for first class and third class, a piece of the ship with one of the circle windows, dishes from the ship, and many more artifacts.The tour of the Titanic was very interesting, but sad. So many people lost their lives. Well it’s time to get back in the truck and start for home. We have 12 hours before I am back in my own bed. We all had a great time and I loved everything about this vacation. Just think, we did all of this in FOUR days. Yes, I said FOUR days. If you would like any info about these places, check out www.meteorcrater.com (Meteor Crater) www.nps.gov/grca. (Grand Canyon) and you can Google Las Vegas. www.lasvegas.com


  1. I did that almost exact t…
    I did that almost exact thing last year, exceept we started in California (by plane, thank goodness!) and drove to Death Valley, Las Vegas (we stayed at the Luxor), and then to HOover Dam, we didn’t go to the Meteor Crater, or Grand Canyon, but we went to Death Valley instead. Anyway, great story!

  2. I love this story!
    I love this story! You gave lots of details and the pictures are great too!! Keep up the great work!:)

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