Saving lives – through laughter


Rachel Faulkner writes, It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine.

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine. Yet for sick children in hospitals, it’s pretty hard to find something to laugh about. So when Kristen and Connor Dantzler of Montgomery, Marylanddecided to start volunteering in their community, helping kids to laugh seemed like a pretty good way to do it. Their father wrote children’s riddles, and published them in books. That gave Connor, then age 9, the idea that if children with an illness like jokes as much as he did, the siblings just might have a way to make their mark in a positive light. “Kirstin and I were so well-received during our first hospital visit that we continued to share our time and books at hospitals and senior homes on a regular basis. We named our program “Health Through Humor”, he shares. That was back in 2003. Kirsten is now 19, and Connor is 15.Currently, “Health through Humor” has expanded into a massive, ten-stateprogram, intended singularly to cheer up those who need it most. Selflessly, the siblings paid for the books out of pocket, and also through donations. reports that they have donated 7,500 books to hospitals all up and down the east coast and even in Canada. “Sometimes we do get to visit the patients,” says Connor. It’s very rewarding; the good feeling is very motivating. It’s what keeps the volunteer project going!” The team has earned national recognition as they won a Presidential Service Award and many others besides. Yet when talking about the charity, the Dantzlers don’t let all the attention go to their head. Instead, they keep the message inspirational and friendly. “I personally learned that you can make a difference in your community at any age.” It’s pretty hard to find humor when you or a loved one is gravely ill. Yet you might just have someone on your side, to bring you a book, a little encouragement, and a whole lot on laughter.


  1. that’s so good.
    that’s so good. great story…only 8 more to 100!! thanks for adding at the end, that you are assuring that you will be putting up pictures…because i almost punded you for not having pictures, but now I know!

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