Whoa! That’s a long way down!


Emma Selner writes, As I stood there in the glass elevator, I tried not to look down.

As I stood there in the glass elevator, I tried not to look down. But that was nearly impossible considering the fact I was smashed up against the side. I watched the people get smaller and smaller. Pretty soon the people all looked like ants. As soon as we finally got to the top, I took a big step, relieved to finally have something stable under my feet. The orange and pink sunset lay out before us, and the entire city of Paris around us. I thought to myself, “Wow! I can’t believe I am actually on top of the Eiffel Tower!” As the crowd walked toward the metal bars I found myself yet again, looking down. I figured everyone wouldn’t believe how high it was, so I held my new, $215 camera out through the bars, and took a picture down. I ran up the stairs to the third platform, along with my sister, Hannah. As we trudged our way up the last of the stairs we looked around in awe. There was a glass panel seperating the heat of the sun from us, and there were words above the top of the glass. In every direction there was an arrow and a few words. The first one we saw read ‘New York- 5,832 kilometers.’ My sister looked at me, sighed in relief and said, “Thank goodness! Finally, something in English!” We giggled and continued to look around. There were similar arrows in every direction with cities from all over the world. In that moment I finally realized that I was actually in Paris. I looked around at the white buildings, the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles, Notre Dame, and the Elys ée Palace (president’s house). I saw something out of the corner of my eye, it was my family waving frantically from the elevator they were about to get on. I sprinted towards the slowly closing doors, and made it just in time. I looked over at the older French man who was controlling the elevator. He smiled and said, “Going down, mademoiselle.”


  1. WoW!
    WoW! that must of been a lot of fun…i’m supposed to go next year, but am SOOOOOOOO freaked out…any tips??????On a different not, I loved your story! It had a lot of details, and great pictures!

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