Got A Question About Cats?


Devlin Barron writes, “Why Do Cats Have Whiskers” is a great book about cats.

“Why Do Cats Have Whiskers” is a great book about cats. You will find that when you finish this book you will feel like a cat expert. There are many facts about species of cats mainly domesticated cats but there are also facts about wild cats too. You will enjoy the many different photos.In this captivating book there are four great chapters telling facts about cats. Chapter One tells about how cats used to be treated like gods in Egypt and about how hundreds were killed in Europe. Chapter Two tells wacky stories about how species of cats are different from each other. Chapter Three tells about cat body parts that make cats different from other animals.My favorite chapter, which is also the last chapter, tells how to talk to your cat and what it says to you it even says how to have a blinking conversation. The book also has helpful quizzes.Anyone can read this wonderful book even if you don’t have a cat!This 64 page book was written by Elizabeth Macleod and published by Kids Can Press Ltd.


  1. Sounds like a good book.
    Sounds like a good book. I think you should give slightly more information since it is a book and has more to offer.

  2. I’ll check that book out …
    I’ll check that book out from the library. I liked your good descrition of the book without giving too much away.

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