Palace of Versailles


Emma Selner writes, We walked through the many hallways of the palace.

We walked through the many hallways of the palace. We saw everything from the Queen’s bedroom to the Hall of Mirrors. Our little friend, the electronic tour guide gave us the low-down on just about everything. Every painting, bedroom, and piece of furniture had all been selected for some certain purpose for beauty, style, or from some famous artist. No ceiling was left blank, everything and anything was painted on each ceiling, from angels, to demons, and love, to hate. This was the Palace of Versailles. Not only was the inside beautiful, but the stunning fountains and gardens. The hedge was perfectly trimmed on each side, and not a gardener was in sight. The fountains were surrounded by beautiful flowers in every color in the rainbow. We walked down the gravel path toward the first fountain. In every direction, there was another gravel path leading to yet another splendid fountain. The small lake was overflowing with row-boats, and it seemed most of them were going in circles. We layed out on the grass for what seemed a few minutes, but was actually an hour! Even though it seemed like we had seen everything, when we came into the entrance to the gardens, where the first fountain is, we witnessed a wedding, and the happy couple even let us take pictures of her gorgeous dress. When we were going through the exit, I grabbed a brochure (in English), so that I would never forget the wonderful Palace and Gardens of Versailles.


  1. Ohh…
    Ohh, please give us more detail! You’re a great writer, just have confidence and use all that colorful language! When we were there, the Hall of Mirrors was under construction! 🙁

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