Death of an American Hero


Rachel Faulkner writes, It’s been said that the only time anyone ever likes a politician is after they die.

It’s been said that the only time anyone ever likes a politician is after they die. However, this week, we acknowledge that this is simply not true. Last Tuesday, Massachusettes senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy passed away of brain cancer. At age 77, Senator Kennedy was still actively involved in his country at the time of his death. He had been given less than a year to live a short time ago. Born on February 22, 1932, Kennedy grew up in a family of politics. His father pushed his sons to become involved in the government of their country. His brother, John, was elected President of the United States, and later was assasinated, as was his brother Robert, who becamea Senator. In 1962, Kennedy was elected to the Massachusettes senate for the first time. Throughout his 47-year career in the Senate (which, incidently, is the longest time a senator has ever been in office), Kennedy wasa prominent member of the Democratic party. He recently campaigned heavily for President Barack Obama, attending the innauguaration and helping the family settle in to the White House. When the news of his death broke last Tuesday, an uproar was caused in the political world. President Barack Obama, who was vacationing in Martha’s Vinyard at the time, said that he and First Lady Michelle Obama were heartbroken over the loss of the Senator. Vice President Joe Biden also expressed deep sadness. Kennedy’s funeral was a heavily attended event last Saturday. The funeral started out at Our Lady of Hope Perpetual HelpBasilica. President Obama delivered the eulogy. Also in attendance were Former Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Bush, as well as Vice-President Biden, 58 senators, 21 former senators, and many other mourners. Ted Kennedy was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetary, near the graves of his brothers. No matter what side of the political spectrum you stand with, it is time to come together to grieve the loss of one of this country’s most extrordinary leaders.


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