Go Breck For Your Next Vacation!


Devlin Barron writes, This summer me and my family went to Breckenridge CO.

This summer me and my family went to Breckenridge CO.We stayed there in a condo in the middle of town.It was called River Mountain Lodge.I recommend you stay there if you visit Breckenridge.After we checked in and walked around the town.I saw many signs that said Breckenridge was having its 150th birthday.The stores in Breckenridge are fascinating and you want to buy everything. We went to the best bakery in town it is called Clint’s. We got enormous cookies there.The next day we ate breakfast at a wonderful place called Columbine CafĂ©.It was so packed we had to wait for half an hour to get a table.Almost no one drove a car in Breckenridge. Everyone walked to and from stores.We ate lunch at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co.We saw a river with an extremely fast current. It was hard to swim and stand in. Almost every time I stepped in I fell over.We also went to an art gallery. The paintings and sculptures were beautiful and very artistic.We met a a man working on one of his sculptures. It was a woman in a cave who looked sad.The next morning we had delicious donuts at a cafe called Daylight donuts.Breckenridge is a wonderful place for your next adventure. It’s fun for all ages!