Historical Missouri


Sara Hughes writes, Last summer my family and I went to St.

Last summer my family and I went to St. Joseph, Missouri. We mainly went to see our family but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little extra fun! My family stayed at the Stoney Creek Inn. It is an amazing hotel with a wilderness theme.They have a nice pool and hot tub but during our visit, there were too many chemicals in it and it made our eyes burn! We went to the Patee House Museum and the Jesse James Home. The Patee house was really cool. They had lots of history from the pony express and the way people lived in the time of the pony express. Near the end of the museum there is a play area for kids and you can dress up like pioneers. We pretended to cook in the kitchen and buy food at the market! They also have a neat gift shop! The next stop was the home of Jesse James! Jesse James was an outlaw in the late 1870’s to the early 1880’s.He was shot in his own home by Bob Ford who was one of the members of the Jesse crew. When you walk through the door you aregreeted by a nice man and then you walk around and explore! In the living room they have the bullet hole framed for everyone to see. The bullet went through Jesse’s head and into the wall. We had a great time in Missouri!I hope you consider visiting!


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