The Supernaturalists


Tiara Stephan writes, I had a summer reading list this summer and one of the books was this one.

I had a summer reading list this summer and one of the books was this one. I read it and I was truly fascinated at what the author had conjured onto paper. I want to share it with you.In the futuristic city of Satellite City, on Cosmo Hill, a baby was discovered wrapped up in a pizza box. The police claimed that he was an orphan after they entered his DNA into the system and nothing turned up. Here, the story of Cosmo Hill begins. Now Cosmo is fourteen and he lives in the Clarissa Frayne Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys. He was in the freight class. He doesn’t only live there he works there too. They use the boys there as product testers for lots of products. “Cosmo received his schooling from education software, his teeth were whiter than white, and his hair was lustrous and flake-free; but his insides felt like they were being scoured with a radioactive wire brush. Eventually, Cosmo realized that the orphanage was slowly killing him” page 2 of The Supernaturalist.There were three potential ways to acquire a way out of Clarissa Frayne. They are adoption, death, and running away. Every night, the boys are led to dorm where they are to sleep every night. There are three hundred orphans in Cosmo’s dorm. They climb up steel ladders to their level where they swing into their “rooms” which are actually sections of cardboard utility pipe.One day, the truck going to Clarissa Frayne was stalled on the highway. The truck had lost its link from The Satellite. The Satellite was obviously a huge satellite that powered everything in Satellite City. The truck driver had never driven manually because The Satellite usually drives for them. Before the driver could start driving, an advertisement drone hit the truck dead on. The truck flipped over. They fell off of the highway in a waterfall of sparks. Somehow, the truck managed to land on a Chinese restaurant. Cosmo and his friend Ziplock managed to escape after twisting the supervisor’s broken nose. The supervisor’s name was Redwood. They climbed up a building while acidic rain poured down from the heavens. They made it to the roof. Meanwhile, Redwood had taken a pill to relieve his pain. Now he was tracking them down.Redwood had found them on the roof. There was virtually no way to escape. So, Ziplock jumped off the building, unknowingly down into the building’s generator, dragging Cosmo with him. The generator pumped ten thousand volts into the boys causing them to shoot up into the air and onto another building’s roof. Ziplock lay on the roof, dead while Cosmo held onto life. What happened next was terrifying. Some inhuman, blue, parasite-like creatures crawled onto the rooftop. One of them latched onto Cosmo with its four fingers and was pulling a starry stream of something from his body. Life. Suddenly, two boys and a girl came and rescued him. They blasted the parasite off of his body and Cosmo spiraled into darkness. When he woke up, he was in their headquarters. The boys’ names were Stefan and Ditto, and the girl’s name was Mona. They could all see the blue creatures. He was a Spotter too. They were blessed with this gift. Not everyone could see them.He was accepted into their team. Together, they go on missions to kill the blue creatures and save people’s lives from Parasites. They would use lightning rods to blast them and they would turn into blue spheres. The problem was they couldn’t let the lawyers and paralegals see them or else they would get into legal trouble. They would hightail out of there once they came. Once, the crew got cellophane wrapped on a mission and had to ride to the Myishi Corporation HQ with lawyers. They went into the vat to dissolve the cellophane. Afterwards, they met with President Faustine, Stefan’s old professor. She told them about her project. She showed them a video. It turns out that Stefan was helping them reproduce. The blue blobs transform into another parasite. Her plan was to give parasites contaminated energy which they would die from using a certain type of bomb which she gave them. First they had to find out where they lived. As they were sent home, Stefan was devastated.They had to get a data port on The Satellite to find out the parasites’ nest. Unfortunately, The Satellite was all booked. They had to sneak up there and put a data port on it themselves. They got a HALO (spaceship) from a man named Lincoln and Cosmo sneakily put a data port on. Lincoln did lots of illegal stuff. He sent up illegal HALOs and lots of other stuff too. He was the only one who could supply them with a HALO though. The data port was up and running. Stefan had found the parasite nest. It was under the place Cosmo never wanted to go near again. It was Clarissa Frayne. Stefan and Cosmo went down to the basement in Clarissa Frayne. The pipes were covered in blue. All of them were sleeping parasites. Redwood had seen Cosmo unfortunately and went after him. Stefan had pulled the bomb and Redwood got shocked.Meanwhile, at headquarters for the Supernaturalists, Mona had caught Ditto helping the Parasites. Ditto knew something that the rest of them didn’t. The Parasites don’t take life, they take pain. Stefan didn’t believe him and sent him away. He had to leave by morning. Ditto wanted Stefan to call Faustino and tell her that the Parasites take away pain and not life force. When Stefan called President Faustino, she told Stefan that she was gathering Parasite bodies. She wanted to study them. Later as everyone was sleeping, paralegals broke into the HQ and kidnapped everyone. They were orders from Faustino. I won’t spoil the rest of the book for you. The next part is the best part. I would recommend this book for anybody. I give it a five-star rating. Go to the library and check it out or to your local bookstore if you want to find out what happens next.


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