Woo Hoo! It’s a Celabration


Melissa Kaiser writes, Watch out Whoville!

Watch out Whoville! The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Arvada Colorado Stake. The week long celebration was called a Jubilee. According to Webster Dictionary, a Jubilee is, “Chiefly Biblical a yearlong period to be observed by Jews once every fifty years, during which Jewish slaves were to be freed, alienated lands were to be restored to to the original owner or his heir, the fields were to be left untilled and all agriculture labors were to be suspended…” The celebration kicked off on Saturday morning whenwe dug a trail to Majestic Veiw park.The trail is very beautiful. Many people in the community helped. They divided the the trail and the people into equal groups. Each group worked on a different section. Everyone worked hard and it was done by 10:00 AM, just in time forplay practice for cast members. The play, performed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, was a musical remembrance of the Arvada Stakes’ five decades of existance. The play’s time period was the 1960’s through the1990’s. In the ’60’s the songs were: “My Girl,” “My Guy,” and “Come on Everybody.” ’70’s was: “Saturday in the Park,” “Hustle,” “Boogy Fever,” “Dancing Queen,” “Stayin’ Alive,” “More than a Woman,” “I Will Survive,”and “We Are a Family.” The ’80’s included the following: “Eye of the Tiger,” “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Our Lips are Sealed,” “Oh Mickey,” “Walk Like an Egyption,” “Celebration,” and”Footloose.”The ’90’s featured dance numbers to a variety of 90’s music. Saturday, August 8th was a country fair with booths, games, food, and fun provided free of charge by the LDS church. The food was delightful and people enjoyed it quite a bit. There were26 booths along with handcart rides, and a bounce house. The Jubilee ended with a commemorative Fireside on Sunday evening. The Fireside included talks from all five men who have served as Arvada Stake Presidents. Well, jubilation, hubilation, jubileecelabration, no matter what you call it is a memory that will last a lifetime. I can hardly waitfifty yearsfor the next Jubilee!MELISSA’S TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT (FUN FACTS ABOUT THE JUBILEE ) Majestic View Trail *The trail was 1,000 feet long. *350 volunteers participated *About 120 tons of aggregate (gravel) was used. Musical/Play *In total, about 1,470 came to the performances. *130 people were involved with the play. *Mayor Kenneth S. Fellman, Mayor of Arvada came. *Other Arvada city officials attended. *Dr. Cindy Stevenson, Superintendent of Jeffco Schools, came. *Michael D. Jones, ArvadaStake President attended.*Audience’s favorite dance was Thriller. Country Fair *500 hot dogs *300 bratwurst *500 servings of pulled pork *40 watermelons *2,200 servings of corn on the cob *1,500 people came to the fair. *DJ playing music for four hours straight.


  1. Awesome article!
    Awesome article! Four of my friends go to that church! there are still some grammar issues, though. But it was very discriptive…And I had a fun time reading it! Great job!

  2. Fabulous job, Melissa!
    Fabulous job, Melissa!!! Very informative and fun to read. I’m sad I missed it :(.Keep writing! :)Isabelle

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